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Swinton Van Insurance

With the Swinton Van insurance being reviewed the full offerings of just what this insurance company has to offer is clearly visible. This is an insurance company that began in 1957 when the founding father went door to door to sell car insurance. Today they have over 220 branch offices scattered across the UK.

What types of van insurance policies does Swinton offer?

Unlike other insurance companies like Gladiator van insurance that offer Third Party, Third party fire and theft along with Comprehensive, Swinton offers Essential, Classic and Premier. All three of the Swinton policies are Comprehensive as normally categorised.

Only vans less than 3.5 tonnes can be covered by these polices.

  • Essential covers the repairs and medical bills for both vehicles involved in an accident. Replacement of electronic equipment is included, windscreen replacement and use of a courtesy vehicle when needed along with protection against fire and theft.
  • Classic is the same as Essential along with motoring legal protection, uninsured driver promise, coverage when driving in the EU, lock and child seat replacement along with personal items coverage.
  • Premier is same as Classic but also includes the refunding of your excess up to £500, mis-fueling is covered up to £2,500 and a vehicle will be hired to help you get around for 14 days if you are involved in an accident and your vehicle needs repairs

What types of additional protection can be included?

Van breakdown coverage
  • Roadside repairs.
  • Average time for repair vehicle to arrive is 50 minutes.
  • 24/7 hotline for assistance.
  • Underwritten by Inter Partner SA UK Branch Assistance which is part of the AXA Assistance Group.
Additional Legal Protection
  • Additional coverage for up to £100,000 to cover legal expenses and associated activities.
  • Compensation for personal injuries.
  • Compensation for loss of income.
  • Replacement for personal items lost.
  • Alternative travel costs are covered.
Public Liability Coverage
  • This is additional protection for the van owner that operates out of their van.
  • Each policy is tailored made for the customer.
No Claims Discount Protection
  • Standard is the allowance of 2 claims a year.
  • Without additional protection the premium will rise with each claim.

In Conclusion

To find out the details of a Swinton Van Insurance policy you must ask for a quote. There is no mention of Swinton being the underwriter of the policies and they offer policies from other insurance companies which makes them an insurance broker.

This information is being provided free to the public by an independent writer. We do not endorse or dissuade the use of this insurance broker and have not been compensated by Swinton Insurance in any manner.

Van Insurance 

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