Gladiator Van Insurance

gladiator van insurance

Gladiator Van Insurance has been providing this specialty type of insurance since 1998. They are backed by Admiral Insurance which is the trade name for EUI Limited that was founded in 1993. Their headquarters is in Cardiff, Wales.

Van Insurance 

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Why Gladiator Van Insurance

  • Included as standard Courtesy van, windscreen cover, personal belongings
  • A broker that deals exclusively in van insurance
  • All van types for all uses covered
  • Range of insurance options to suit any driver

What types of vans does Gladiator Van Insurance cover?

Gladiator insurance is made for small vans all the way up to those that weigh 3.5 tonnes. These can be used for social, commuting, transporting your own goods and hire haulage.

What types of insurance is offered by Gladiator?

Third Party Insurance

This covers the cost of repairs of the vehicle and medical bills of the other vehicle when you are fault in an accident. This is the minimum type of policy required by UK law.

Third Party Insurance Fire and Theft

This is the same as above, but your vehicle is also protected if the van is stolen or damaged by fire.

Comprehensive van insurance

This insurance covers the cost of repairs and medical bills for both vehicles involved in an accident that is your fault. Your vehicle is also covered if it is stolen or damaged by fire. Other items covered under a standard comprehensive policy include;

  • Windscreen repair or replacement
  • While your vehicle is being repaired after an accident a courtesy van will be provided for up to 21 days.
  • Your stereo and other electronic equipment is covered if it is stolen or damaged. There is no upper limited stated.
  • Personal Injury coverage up to £5,000.
  • Personal belongings that are damaged are covered up to £150.
  • The named driver on the policy earns No Claim Bonus.
  • 24 hour emergency helpline.

What are the extras that can be added to Gladiator Van Insurance? 

There is breakdown coverage with 3 different levels you can add. This can include roadside assistance in both the UK and EU, recovery of the vehicle and up to £150 for overnight accommodations.

Personal Injury coverage can be increased to either £50,000 or £100,000 in case of an injury being minor or serious and accidental death. There is also a payment of up to £400 per day you spend in the hospital.

Hire vehicle coverage if your van is stolen or written off. You will have access to this van for up to 21 days.

Motor Legal Coverage for up to £100,000 to cover the costs of solicitors and court costs.

​Goods and Tools Coverage for up to £6,000 for lost material and tools damaged by the accident.

In Conclusion

The Gladiator Van Insurance has many different policies that can cover any use of a van from minimum to comprehensive coverage. Their website is vague on details until you get a quote so read the policy in its entirety before agreeing to it.

This information is being provided free to the public by an independent writer. We do not endorse or dissuade the use of this insurance company and have not been compensated by Gladiator Insurance in any manner.

Van Insurance 

Protect your Goods Vehicle today. Quick quotes from over 20 insurers.