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Modified van insurance

Modified van insurance is a specialty type of cover used to financially protect the custom fitted vans used for social and pleasure along with modifications for the professional to use in their commercial business. Each policy is tailored fit to the needs of the client and the modified van they have chosen to drive. Direct van insurance can help, by providing multiple quotes fro  modified van insurance within the UK ( including Northern Ireland)

What is considered a modification to my van?

Technically any changes an owner does to their van that was not part of the package when it came from the factory is classified as a modification. These changes can be to make the van more usable for the professional, more comfortable for travelling along with conversions to campervans.

  • New electronics including sound systems, GPS, cameras, and sensors.
  • Any suspension changes including the raising or lowering of the chassis along with new suspension components.
  • The changing of the wheels and or the tires that includes anything that did not come from the factory including wider or skinnier tires and wheels along with changes of bigger tires and wheels in diameter sizes.
  • Performance enhancements including new chips for mapping the engines electronics, new and modified intake and exhaust systems.
  • The addition of any types of racks on the interior and exterior of the van.
  • The installation of new bulkheads, panels, cabinetry and closets on the interior.
  • The installation or removal of windows including sunroof and ceiling vents.
  • Exterior body panel modification including louvres over windows, steps, fender flares, spoilers and skirts.
  • Custom paint jobs and finishes including new chrome bumpers.
  • The adding or taking out of seats installed at the factory.

All of the above are classified as a modification and increase the risk to the insurance company by either making the van more attractive to thieves and or increasing the value of the van. As a result modified van insurance will be more expensive than standard van insurance. This makes it all the more important to compare modified van insurance when searching for the best deal available on the market.

Are all modifications classified as high risk?

No, the one modification that a van owner can receive a discount for from an insurance company is the placing of their business logo on the side of the van. By placing a business logo on the exterior of the van makes it unique and easier to spot if it is stolen. Because of that many insurance companies offer discounts if this modification is done.

Security modifications are also classified as a modification, but reduce the risk of the van being stolen. This includes immobilizers, alarms and GPS transponders. Many insurance companies provide discounts when these are installed.

What are the levels of cover of modified van insurance?

All vehicles on the road must have road risk insurance. This includes both those used commercially by professionals and vans used for social and pleasure. The three standard levels of road risk cover include Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party only.

Are there any add-ons that can be included in the policy?

Most add-ons to policy require the level of cover to be comprehensive. A few of the following might be standard with some insurance firms that includes windscreen repair, courtesy van when the van is being repaired, personal injury cover, personal belongings and electronics cover.

The following add-ons can be included, but nearly always raise the cost of the premiums, but also provide peace of mind for many van owners. This includes breakdown cover, European cover, personal injury and legal protection, replacement vehicle if your van is stolen or written off after an accident along with good and tools cover.

Modifying a van is a big investment. The right level of modified van insurance is the type of financial protection needed to ensure your investment will last no matter what occurs on the road. To assist you in finding the right cover for you is van insurance quotes. More information on company van insurance is here and if you own more than one van then van fleet insurance quotes can be helpful.

Modified van insurance

Protect your Van today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.