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Cheap van insurance for private use

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Cheap van insurance for private use

Available in the UK is cheap van insurance for private use by you and your family. This is classified as a social, domestic, pleasure and commuting policy by the insurance industry so the van will be financially protected when the van is used to take a holiday, going shopping or just a trip to the beach.

Some examples of private use include:

  • Carrying your bike to events
  • Going on holiday
  • Taking part in hobbies and activities

What is cheap van insurance for private use?

What is considered cheap van insurance for private use is the lowest costing cover an owner can have and still be legal on the road in their non-commercial vehicle. This is Third Party only cover.

Third Party Only cover financially protect the owner when they are at fault in a motor vehicle accident on the road. This cover provides funds for the third party vehicle’s damage. There are no funds provided for the owner of the policy or repairs for their van. This is the minimum required cover as mandated by the UK government.

Is the cheapest van insurance always Third Party Only?

The cheapest van insurance for private use can be Third Party only, but that does not mean it is the best value for the money spent. With Third Party, Fire and Theft cover your vehicle is protected if it is damaged by fire or is stolen or damaged by thieves. This cover is only a few pounds higher that Third Party Only.

What most owners do not realise is that since your van is part of the cover, where it is parked affects the cost of the premium. By it being parked in a safe and secure location, a discount could be given by the insurance firm to lower the cost of the premium where it is close to the cost of Third Party Only cover. This discount is not provided for policyholders with Third Party Only since your van is not included in the insurance policy in terms of being repaired.

How many people can be named on a van insurance policy for private use?

Each insurance firm is different, but some permit up to 5 named drivers being on the same policy.

Can I use my private use van to make deliveries for Uber?

For van owners that have road risk insurance like Third Party only or comprehensive, the cover does not apply when making delivers as a hire for reward business venture like Uber. This changes the van cover from private use to commercial use.

The On-Demand economy has changed the way the world operates including how part time couriers of food are covered with insurance for their vehicles. To be an Uber food delivery driver, the vehicles must at a minimum have Third Party Only cover plus a commercial add on that covers the vehicle when a delivery is being made. This add on is not full time so the policy will still be basic van insurance for private use as its base. if you use your van for hire and reward then you need hire and reward courier van insurance.

How can I lower the cost or save on cheap van insurance for private use?

  • To pay the smallest premium amount the vehicle owner should always pay their premium in full on an annual basis. This will remove the interest paid by those who make monthly or quarterly installment payments.
  • Adding a black box or other telemetric devices that prove how the driver properly operates the vehicle.
  • Installing a dashboard cam will be able to provide video evidence of any event that occurs on the road.
  • Always park the vehicle in a safe and secure location.
  • Avoid adding modifications to the van like fancy paint jobs, non-standard wheel and tires, decals and other items that will attract the attention of thieves.

If obtaining cheap van insurance for private use is your goal, remember to look at the value the policy has as compared to the other low cost covers. There are some instances where full comprehensive cover is cheaper when the vehicle is involved in an accident and you do not have to pay for the repairs of your vehicle. Cheap can be only the cost of the premium or the overall costs of operating a van on the road.

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