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The team at Direct Van Insurance are dedicated to making your experience of navigating our web site easy and intuitive. We also hope that service that we offer customers resident in Northern Ireland one that will have them coming back time and time again and spreading the word to friends. We do not provide the actual insurance quotes, we have teamed up with CompareNI who will provide you with a multiple insurance quotes. These quotes are for vans only, quotes are sent via email for all levels of insurance cover from third party to fully comprehensive. 

It is easy to find a website to compare car insurance, but not van insurance. At direct van insurance we aim to provide a a comparison service dedicated to van insurance only. When you complete the quote form, you will be presented with multiple quotes fro van insurance from over 50 UK insurance brokers. Amongst these quotes we hope you can find a quotes that best suits your individual or business requirements.

Van Insurance Hire Excess

This product is provided by Questor Insurance. If you rent a car or van you will with most rental companies be liable for an excess. This is the UK is a significant amount GBP1000 plus. The rental company will over you a waiver in return for an extra daily payment. This is way for rental companies make additional income. Read the conditions of rental carefully as even with the waiver you may still be liable for damage to wheel, glass and underside. Another popular solution is to take out van hire excess insurance on an annual basis. This can be for UK only or worldwide and will cover for renting booths cars and vans. As such, it can over a work van rental and a holiday car rental throughout the year.

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