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Do you need a quote for van insurance in Northern Ireland? If the answer is yes then you have found a service dedicated to providing NI residents with insurance quotes from multiple brokers by  simply completing one online inquiry form. After you complete one form you will be presented with multiple choices from 40 and growing brokers both UK and NI based.

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Van Insurance NI

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Van insurance like most insurance can be costly so it pays to compare the market to find a suitable quote that meets fully with your insurance requirements and in addition comes at an affordable price. Like auto insurance private or commercial van policies come in the standard 3 modes 1 Basic Third Party, 2 Third party plus Fire and Theft and Comprehensive which includes all the aforementioned and in addition offers cover to you and your vehicle.    

How to Reduce  NI Van Insurance Costs

Underwriters apply any factors when arriving at a cost for your individual van insurance NI policy. A few of these you will have some control over. Number one is security, adding additional anti theft devices that are approved within the insurance industry will see a drop of your annual or monthly van premium. Install a tracking GPS devices which will increase the chance that your van will be recovered should it be stolen and is part of the underwriters calculation. Safe overnight parking preferably in a secure garage will know more pounds of the final premium cost. Post code has a small influence and unfortunately is not something that you as a van owner has control over. Major towns like Belfast, Ballymena, Coleraine, Downpatrick and Enniskillen will attract a slightly higher premium than more rural post codes

Vans like cars are classed into 20 risk categories. These are based on a myriad of underwriter calculations using big data over a long period of time. This enables them to place particular vans into categories arranged from lows risk to high risk. Obviously the higher the category the higher will be your premium. If you are a young driver under 25 or under 21 or have a driving conviction it may be worth taking this into account when it comes to purchase your vehicle.

Types of Van Insurance Available

Van insurance need not be complicated. Start off by choosing the correct category of van insurance for your intended use. The main broad categories of van f cover requested are listed below.

Any Driver Van Insurance

As the name implies any driver van insurance gives you the flexibility to swap or change drivers without first getting approval from the insurance broker. Whilst more expensive than say named driver insurance it can be necessary for the success of your business model.

Young Driver van insurance

Many young people start a business that requires a van. Unfortunately this can be a very expensive part of the business setup. Being under 25 puts in you a high risk category to the insurer. As such you will be faced with much higher premium quotes than drivers over 25 or over 30. This is why you need to search all the option out there to find the best deal that meets with your business requirements and save on costs.

Courier van insurance

The courier business has boomed in recent years especially in the fast food delivery sector. Whatever type of courier business that you have you will need courier van insurance to cover your vehicle and cargo. This type of insurance is also referred to as hire for reward insurance which you should select during the quoting process. 

Van Insurance 

Protect your Goods Vehicle today. Quick quotes from over 20 insurers.

Do Some Research before purchasing your NI work van

  • Normally the smaller the van the cheaper will be the insurance premium. However, do make sure the van size that you choose will fit your current and future business needs.
  • Check for any price variance related to the actual manufacturer, similar sized vans which you would expected to have the same premium costs can vary dependent upon the supplier. For example parts for a particular van model could be more expensive than another make / model thus increasing the associated premium that you will end up paying.
  • Look at the cover offered and check that your requirement for all the options offered. For example if cover for Europe is  included, but you don't travel into Europe then you should omit this from your policy.
  • Fitting insurance industry approved security devices should lead to a better quote for you van insurance NI. Additionally if you can provide safe overnight parking this again shroud help bring down your annual premiums. 

Types of Van Insurance

  • Haulage Insurance : If you are delivery goods normally over a long distance haulage or lorry insurance northern Ireland will be required.
  • Carriage of own goods : This is suitable for tradesmen that carry tools and material in their vehicle, plumbers and electricians are examples that would fall into this group.
  • Van Courier insurance: This is higher risk than haulage as you most likely will be doing many drops and like haulage you are carrying other people's goods for hire or reward.

Consider Extras That May Be of Benefit or Included in the Quote

Excess Cover : The excess which is an amount that you would normally be liable for in the event of a claim, it can be a considerable amount as such you should consider taking out a van excess insurance policy. You may choose to increase the excess and thus reduce your annual premium.

Breakdown Cover : Is breakdown cover included in your van's policy if not it may work out cheaper to add this in as an extra to your cover rather than take out a separate breakdown policy. with another provider

Windscreen : Windscreen damage to vans like cars is common and can be costly to get fixed quickly so you are not off the road for more than 1 day. In some cases at may be cheaper dealing direct with a windscreen specialist company, particularly if you run a fleet of vans

Legal Protection : This is applicable if your have the legal minimum of third party cover. The purpose of this extra is to ensure yourself against uninsured losses. Simply put if another party is responsible for damages that you are not covered for you will have access to experienced legal assistance to help ensure the third party's insurance company pays up .

Replacement Vehicle : Does the provider offer another vehicle like for like should your on vehicle be off the road any period of time?

Van Insurance Groups

Similar to cars, van are grouped into  insurance categories. These categories range from 1 to 20 with category 1 being the the cheapest to insure. Which van goes into which group is the responsibility of ABI.  A myriad of factors are factored into grouping vans into categories. Some of the major factors include price and size. Coming in next are repair costs which includes parts replacement. The average cost of repair varies from one manufacturer to the next manufacturer and from model to model within a manufacturer.  For example Mercedes vans will be in a higher insurance category compared to Ford vans for the above reasons.  If your van model or make is a popular choice for van thieves then this will be added into equation. 

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Van Insurance 

Protect your Goods Vehicle today. Quick quotes from over 20 insurers.